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My photographic works explore the concepts of sex, death and the self. Being heavily influence by David LaChapelle and Cindy Sherman, I create tableaus images using myself as the model. I strive to control as many elements in my photos as I possibly can: the lighting, props, makeup, wardrobe, everything. By being both the photographer and the model, I force myself to take on the role of my art: I am the artist as well as the art. Not only do I physically control and manipulate the scenes I capture, but I also do a lot of post-processing on the computer to make my visions come to life. Artistic photography isn’t about capturing truth, but rather the essence of reality.







I love to draw the female form: the curves and flow of a woman’s body as always inspired me to create something beautiful. I create these illustrations on the computer using Photoshop and a pen-input tablet, or I build my image from a beautiful blank canvas, wooden panel, or whatever I can get my hands on. I start with a blank canvas and draw everything in my images from scratch. Art nouveau, surrealism, erotic art and realism are all art styles I pull from. I focus on themes such as sexuality and death, and draw from my experiences with my body and mind. My pen is a gateway to my own reality, and I draw these images so my audience can see the world the way I do.

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